Best General & Laparoscopic Surgeon in Pilibhit

Dr. P. D. Singh

MBBS (MLN Medical College Prayagraj), MS (General Surgery), Sr. Lap Surgeon
A graduate of MLN Medical College Prayagraj in 1979, holding an MS degree in General Surgery, Dr. P.D. Singh is a distinguished surgeon with a successful medical practice spanning over two decades. His journey began as a government employee, and over the subsequent years, he gained recognition in the Khatima region due to his exceptional medical expertise. In 1991, he ventured into the field of laparoscopic surgery, and within the same year, he embraced the use of laser technology for kidney stone surgery, further showcasing his pioneering approach to medical procedures.
Back then, advanced treatments were unavailable in Bareilly. Presently, he conducts the majority of these procedures with either no incision or through a small incision akin to a nail's size. Dr. P.D. Singh's primary aim is to shape P.D.S Hospital into the leading medical facility in the city for contemporary stone and endosurgery.

His extensive experience stands as the chief rationale behind the hospital's incorporation of cutting-edge medical technologies, facilities, and top-tier medical instruments, commonly seen in metropolitan hospitals. He holds the belief that such integration contributes significantly to the modernization of medical practices. Dr. P.D. Singh and his hospital have become a reputable and synonymous entity in addressing stone-related issues such as Lap Chole, N.D.V.H, Lap Appendix, CBD Stone, and Hernia.
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Best General & Laparoscopic Surgeon in Pilibhit | Dr. P. D. Singh

Dr. P. D. Singh

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