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Dr. P. D. Singh says,

“At PDS Hospital, we are dedicated to shaping the future of human health and well-being, striving to make a profoundly positive difference in the lives of our patients.”

Dr. P.D. Singh's primary goal is to establish P.D.S Hospital as the paramount medical institution in the city, specializing in cutting-edge stone and endosurgery procedures. His extensive collaboration with leading hospitals and surgeons nationwide throughout his career has enabled him to outfit the hospital with state-of-the-art medical technologies, facilities, and world-class instruments typically found in metropolitan hospitals.

Dr. P. D. Singh

He dedicates himself to continually enhancing his knowledge and keeping the entire staff updated. This approach enables them to stay informed about the latest innovations in the field, allowing them to progress accordingly. Dr. P.D. Singh is also attentive to each patient, valuing their experiences and suggestions. He willingly refines his care and services based on the feedback provided by patients, striving to implement their suggestions for improvement.

Dr. Singh's primary focus is to meet the medical and surgical needs of his patients. He strongly believes that good health is paramount for individual happiness and success. He is dedicated to assisting both the sick and elderly communities by delivering healthcare of exceptional quality that remains affordable.

Infrastructure @ PDS

P.D.S Hospital in Pilibhit stands out for its exceptional medical amenities, compassionate care, precise clinical diagnosis, and advanced services. As a long-standing medical establishment, we are dedicated to offering contemporary healthcare rooted in traditional values. P.D.S Hospital operates as a comprehensive medical center, staffed by a proficient team of doctors, paramedics, and equipped with cutting-edge technology. We provide both tertiary and quaternary medical services, proven to be advantageous to patients. Our pioneering medical approach sets a new standard in the field, marking a significant advancement in medical treatment.
The hospital offers a wide range of services that prove advantageous to our patients seeking either routine or specialized procedures. We have also acquired the expertise to incorporate contemporary therapeutic methods, leveraging the latest breakthroughs and medical innovations. Our team specializing in laparoscopic surgery utilizes cutting-edge techniques to minimize visible scarring on patients' bodies post-surgery. By employing this technology, patients experience notably reduced discomfort and pain after the procedure, along with a diminished risk of infection and severe health complications.
The infrastructure of P.D.S Hospital can be laid down as:
  • General Wards: 40 beds
  • Private Rooms(Non-AC): 24
  • Private Rooms(AC): 10
  • Deluxe rooms: 04
  • Beds: 90
  • Total strength of the staff: 77
  • Nursing and Doctors: 7- staffs and 07 doctors
  • Pharmacy: In-house
  • Canteen: In-house
  • Pathology: In-house
  • Digital X-Ray: In-house
  • Ultarsound: In-house
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Best General & Laparoscopic Surgeon in Pilibhit | Dr. P. D. Singh

Dr. P. D. Singh

Sr. Gen. & Lap Surgeon
Best Urologist Doctor | Urologist Surgeon in Pilibhit | Dr. Rohit Singh

Dr. Rohit Singh

Sr. Urologist
Pushpa Singh - CEO

Pushpa Singh

Utkarsh Pratap Singh - COO

Utkarsh Pratap Singh



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